Services We Offer

Spay & Neuter for Dogs and Cats
Dental Care & Cleaning
Wellness Exams & Vaccinations
Digital Radiography & Dental Radiography
Pre-anesthetic Blood Screening
Cryptorchid Testicle Removal
Umbilical Hernia Repair
Hind Dewclaw Removal
Ear Mite Treatment & Deworming
Pet Identification

Spay and neuter surgery for dogs and cats

Every pet will receive a full physical examination before the start of anesthesia. If the veterinarian feels that your pet is not in good health, the surgery will not be performed and you will be called. We offer a tattoo/microchip for every animal undergoing spay and neuter surgery for identification purpose at an additional cost.

Wellness examinations, vaccinations and deworming

Our doctors can perform annual wellness examinations, vaccinations and treatment for internal and external parasites.

Diagnosis and treatment for routine health problems in dogs and cats

Our veterinarians will be available for examination, diagnosis and treatment of ailments in dogs and cats. Using the services offered by IDEXX laboratories, we can also perform blood, urine and fecal test. If your pet is sick and requires further diagnostics or hospitalization, we can refer you to another facility where these can be undertaken.

Dental care

Affordable dental care will be provided under general anesthesia. Other routine surgical procedures such as wound and abscess repair, umbilical hernia repair, hind dewclaw removal etc. will also be done.